Image Name Boost Happy HourHappy Hour FameFame Tier Prep Time VIP Drops
Fame Coin Supply Gold
Customer Lina Sayer Lina Sayer Fast Flo Fast Flo Table Steaks Dinertown 1 4h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 3h
5 ? 5 ?
Customer Al Bondigas Al Bondigas Carry Four Flo Carry Four Flo Taco Train Dinertown Hip Stir Café Dinertown 2 6h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 5h 6m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 4h 12m
10 ? 5 ?
Customer Dan Germandan Dan Germandan Order Flinger Order Flinger Adventurous Eats Dinertown Parisian Palace Dinertown Jungle Joint Dinertown 3 8h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 6h 48m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 5h 36m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 4h 24m
12 ? 8 ?
Customer Cray Teaque Cray Teaque Auto Chef Auto Chef VIP Valhalla Dinertown 4 2d
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 1d 16h 48m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 1d 9h 36m
14 ? 10 50%
Customer Nate Nate Auto Serve Auto Serve Country Fried Cabin Dinertown Tokyo Akedo Dinertown 4 2d
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 1d 12h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 1d 4h 48m
14 ? 10 50%
Customer Jerome Jerome Interior Decorator Interior Decorator Chateau Creep Dinertown Great Eats of Giza Dinertown 5 10h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 7h 30m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 6h
? ? ? ?
Customer Van Ryder Van Ryder Prepmonition Prepmonition Metal Chef Italian Dinertown Hip Hop Halal Dinertown I'm Really Inuit Dinertown 6 10h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 8h 30m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 7h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 5h 30m
16 ? 10 ?
Customer Dinah Dinah Panic Button Panic Button Cutie Cakes Dinertown Sundae Fundae DinerTown 7 12h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 10h 12m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 8h 24m
18 ? 10 ?
Customer Hugo Furst Hugo Furst Time Bonuses Time Bonuses Barnyard BBQ Dinertown 8 14h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 10h 30m
20 ? 10 ?
Customer Nori Minori Nori Minori Zen Master Zen Master Enso Sushi Dinertown Tapas del Mar DinerTown 9 16h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 13h 36m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 11h 12m
22 ? 10 ?
Customer Ugg Uggerson Ugg Uggerson Cook Safe Cook Safe Caveman Paleo Dinertown Big Belly Deli Dinertown 10 18h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 15h 18m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 12h 36m
24 ? 10 ?
Customer Mr. Big Mr. Big Fast and Flingerous Fast and Flingerous Out 'N' Inning Dinertown 11 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 15h
26 ? 10 ?
Customer Lady Nibbleston Lady Nibbleston Panic Not and Carry All Panic Not and Carry All Medieval Dines Dinertown 12 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 15h
28 ? 10 ?
Customer Mad Hatter Mad Hatter Take Your Time Take Your Time Wonderland Delights Dinertown Dim Sum Citadel Dinertown Presto Digesto! Dinertown 13 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 17h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 14h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 11h
30 ? 10 ?
Customer Captain Regan Redbeard Captain "Regan" Redbeard Cap'n Cook'n Toss Cap'n Cook'n Toss Pieces of Ate Dinertown Jamaican Me Hungry Dinertown Bouncy Birthday Dinertown 14 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 17h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 14h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 11h
32 ? 10 ?
Customer Lars Hefner Lars Hefner Turbo Time! Turbo Time! Cat Lady Crepes Dinertown DinerLand Dinertown 15 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 17h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 14h
34 ? 10 ?
Customer Marty Garish Marty Garish Keep Calm Cook On Keep Calm Cook On Chew Orleans Dinertown Swine 'n' Dine Dinertown 16 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 17h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 14h
36 ? 10 ?
Customer Astroscott Astroscott Four Hands Flinger Four Hands Flinger Zero-G Pizzeria Dinertown 17 20h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 15h
38 ? 10 ?
Customer Richard Richard Auto Chef & Fast Flo! Auto Chef & Fast Flo! Lava Luau Dinertown The Cheeky Tiki Dinertown 18 2d 22h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 2d 11h 30m
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 2d 1h
40 ? 10 50%
Customer Sangita Sangita Morsel Magnet Morsel Magnet Feastival of Lights Dinertown 19 16h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 12h
42 ? 10 ?
Customer Beca Beca Swift Serve Swift Serve K-Pop Kitchen Dinertown 20 2d 22h
Golden_Saucer_small.png: 2d 4h 30m
44 ? 10 50%
Customers in Cooking Dash
Regular Customer Rosie Customer Barb Customer Bernie Customer Kingston Customer Norbert Customer Violeta Customer Shakes McGee Customer Maddie Customer Skip Customer Hennui Customer Tira Customer Patty Customer Umiko Customer Big Bob Lugman Customer Doug Howt Customer Maid Mary Ann Customer Alice Customer Pat Smee Customer Kitty Kate Customer Harold T. Rumpet Customer Darragh Customer Karlo Customer Franklin Customer Peter Customer Danny Customer Maggie
VIPs Customer Lina Sayer Customer Al Bondigas Customer Dan Germandan Customer Cray Teaque Customer Nate Customer Jerome Customer Van Ryder Customer Dinah Customer Hugo Furst Customer Nori Minori Customer Ugg Uggerson Customer Mr. Big Customer Lady Nibbleston Customer Mad Hatter Customer Captain Regan Redbeard Customer Lars Hefner Customer Marty Garish Customer Astroscott Customer Richard Customer Sangita Customer Beca