Cooking Dash
Table Steaks Card Shark ApronValentine Vardrobe

Valentine Vardrobe
From 02/19 to 02/24, Valentine Vardrobe style set is available for a limited time! Check out this page to get details.
Series Finale IconSeries Finale

Jamaican Me Hungry Dinertown
High Roller Wheel
From 2/20 to 2/22
Beat the Series Finale of Jamaican Me Hungry to earn a High Roller Wheel!
Trial of Style DinerTownTrial of Style

From 2/22 to 2/26, beat these milestones, claim Golden Saucers, and get placed on the leaderboard!
Barnyard BBQ DinertownBarnyard BBQ
Merry Feastmas IconMerry Feastmas
Jamaican Me Hungry DinertownJamaican Me Hungry
Presto Digesto! DinertownPresto Digesto!

Fast FloQuick Flo

Quick Flo
From 2/23 to 2/24, Flo is 3 times quicker than usual! Take advantage of it while you can!
TreasureTreasure Hunt

Tapas del Mar Seashell Headband
From 2/27 to 3/3, complete a series of achievements to earn the avatar item: Seashell Headband!
More details can be seen here.
Table Steaks Card Shark ApronCountry Fried Cabin

Country Fried Cabin
From 2/28 to 3/4, Country Fried Cabin style set is available for a limited time! More details are coming soon.
Trial of Style DinerTownTrial of Style

From 2/28 to 3/4, beat these milestones, claim Golden Saucers, and get placed on the leaderboard!
Cookie's Cookout IconCookie's Cookout
Country Fried Cabin DinertownCountry Fried Cabin
VIP Valhalla DinertownVIP Valhalla

Table Steaks Dinertown
Eats For Earth IconParty Fowl Icon
Taco Train Dinertown
Adventurous Eats Dinertown
VIP Valhalla Dinertown
Valhalla After Hours Icon
Metal Chef Italian Dinertown
Cutie Cakes Dinertown
Dreamy Delights Icon
Barnyard BBQ Dinertown
Cookie's Cookout Icon
Enso Sushi Dinertown
Caveman Paleo Dinertown
Out 'N' Inning Dinertown
Medieval Dines Dinertown
Bavaria Fest Icon
Wonderland Delights Dinertown
Pieces of Ate Dinertown
Cat Lady Crepes Dinertown
Chew Orleans Dinertown
Zero-G Pizzeria Dinertown
Lava Luau Dinertown
Feastival of Lights Dinertown
Chateau Creep Dinertown
Country Fried Cabin Dinertown
Merry Feastmas Icon
K-Pop Kitchen Dinertown
Hip Stir Café Dinertown
Parisian Palace Dinertown
Jamaican Me Hungry Dinertown
Sundae Fundae Dinertown
Tapas del Mar Dinertown
Hip Hop Halal Dinertown
Big Belly Deli Dinertown
Dim Sum Citadel Dinertown
The Cheeky Tiki Dinertown
DinerLand Dinertown
Swine 'n' Dine Dinertown
Tokyo Akedo Dinertown
Bouncy Birthday Dinertown
Great Eats of Giza Dinertown
Presto Digesto! Dinertown
Jungle Joint Dinertown
I'm Really Inuit Dinertown

Main Characters
Flo Cookie Weldon
Customer Rosie Customer Barb Customer Bernie Customer Kingston Customer Norbert Customer Violeta Customer Shakes McGee Customer Maddie Customer Skip Customer Hennui Customer Tira Customer Patty Customer Umiko Customer Big Bob Lugman Customer Doug Howt Customer Maid Mary Ann Customer Alice Customer Pat Smee Customer Kitty Kate Customer Harold T. Rumpet Customer Darragh Customer Karlo Customer Franklin Customer Peter Customer Danny Customer Maggie
Customer Lina Sayer Customer Al Bondigas Customer Dan Germandan Customer Cray Teaque Customer Nate Customer Jerome Customer Van Ryder Customer Dinah Customer Hugo Furst Customer Nori Minori Customer Ugg Uggerson Customer Mr. Big Customer Lady Nibbleston Customer Mad Hatter Customer Captain Regan Redbeard Customer Lars Hefner Customer Marty Garish Customer Astroscott Customer Richard Customer Sangita Customer Beca
Auto Chefs
Table Steaks Auto ChefTaco Train Auto ChefAdventurous Eats Auto ChefVIP Valhalla Auto ChefMetal Chef Italian Auto ChefCutie Cakes Auto ChefBarnyard BBQ Auto ChefEnso Sushi Auto ChefCaveman Paleo Auto ChefOut 'N' Inning Auto ChefMedieval Dines Auto ChefWonderland Delights Auto ChefPieces of Ate Auto ChefCat Lady Crepes Auto ChefChew Orleans Auto ChefZero-G Pizzeria Auto ChefLava Luau Auto ChefFeastival of Lights Auto ChefChateau Creep Auto ChefCountry Fried Cabin Auto ChefK-Pop Kitchen Auto ChefHip Stir Café Auto ChefParisian Palace Auto ChefJamaican Me Hungry Auto ChefSundae Fundae Auto ChefTapas del Mar Auto ChefHip Hop Halal Auto ChefBig Belly Deli Auto ChefDim Sum Citadel Auto ChefThe Cheeky Tiki Auto ChefDinerLand Auto ChefSwine 'n' Dine Auto ChefTokyo Akedo Auto ChefBouncy Birthday Auto ChefGreat Eats of Giza Auto ChefPresto Digesto! Auto ChefJungle Joint Auto ChefI'm Really Inuit Auto Chef

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