Auto Chefs automatically prepare your ingredients and make prep time a breeze. They also give some appliances a full upgrade and if there are appetizers, they will auto-serve them for you.

There are Auto Chefs working for each venue. An Auto Chef can work in that venue and its Special Shows too.

How to get

  • Collect enough tokens for each Auto Chef.
  • Use GoldGold to buy Auto Chefs in Shop.

List of Auto Chefs

Image Name Venue Tokens XPXP
Table Steaks Auto Chef
Grandma Table Steaks DinertownTable Steaks 75 +140
Taco Train Auto Chef
Socorro Romero Taco Train DinertownTaco Train 100 +326
Adventurous Eats Auto Chef
Irwin Grills Adventurous Eats DinertownAdventurous Eats 150 +297
VIP Valhalla Auto Chef
Brünnhilde VIP Valhalla DinertownVIP Valhalla 750 +685
Metal Chef Italian Auto Chef
Ronnie Scottborne Metal Chef Italian DinertownMetal Chef: Italian 200 +295
Cutie Cakes Auto Chef
Magic Cake Bear Cutie Cakes DinertownCutie Cakes 220 +295
Barnyard BBQ Auto Chef
Sally Sue Kettlecorn Barnyard BBQ DinertownBarnyard BBQ 250 +290
Enso Sushi Auto Chef
Hiro Octaku Enso Sushi DinertownEnso Sushi 260 +429
Caveman Paleo Auto Chef
Dino Rex Caveman Paleo DinertownCaveman Paleo 250 +321
Out 'N' Inning Auto Chef
Fowl Paul Out 'N' Inning DinertownOut 'N' Inning 200 +338
Medieval Dines Auto Chef
Tom the Enchanter Medieval Dines DinertownMedieval Dines 200 +297
Wonderland Delights Auto Chef
The White Rabbit Wonderland Delights DinertownWonderland Delights 250 +355
Pieces of Ate Auto Chef
Bucky Ann Pieces of Ate DinertownPieces of Ate 260 +430
Cat Lady Crepes Auto Chef
Frisky Whisker Cat Lady Crepes DinertownCat Lady Crepes 250 +445
Chew Orleans Auto Chef
Marie Lafleau Chew Orleans DinertownChew Orleans 225 +346
Zero-G Pizzeria Auto Chef
Ursula Minor Zero-G Pizzeria DinertownZero-G Pizzeria 200 +226
Lava Luau Auto Chef
Alottalava Lava Luau DinertownLava Luau 225 +566
Feastival of Lights Auto Chef
Arun Feastival of Lights DinertownFeastival of Lights 200 +317
Chateau Creep Auto Chef
Melissa The Ghost Chateau Creep DinertownChateau Creep 180 +332
Country Fried Cabin Auto Chef
Oslo the Bear Country Fried Cabin DinertownCountry Fried Cabin 200 +270
K-Pop Kitchen Auto Chef
K-Pims K-Pop Kitchen DinertownK-Pop Kitchen 225 +297
Hip Stir Café Auto Chef
Donut Barista Gavin Hip Stir Café DinertownHip Stir Café 250 +268
Parisian Palace Auto Chef
Chef Exécutif Loren Parisian Palace DinertownParisian Palace 250 +408
Jamaican Me Hungry Auto Chef
Reggae Reggie Jamaican Me Hungry DinertownJamaican Me Hungry 250 +271
Sundae Fundae Auto Chef
Super Scooper Cory Sundae Fundae DinerTownSundae Fundae 250 +372
Tapas del Mar Auto Chef
Señor Clawdio Tapas del Mar DinerTownTapas del Mar 250 +166
Hip Hop Halal Auto Chef
DJ Sagemage Hip Hop Halal DinertownHip Hop Halal 250 +290
Big Belly Deli Auto Chef
Big Belly Isaac Big Belly Deli DinertownBig Belly Deli 250 +232
Dim Sum Citadel Auto Chef
Pauline Dim Sum Citadel DinertownDim Sum Citadel 250 +271
The Cheeky Tiki Auto Chef
Rocky Bahamas The Cheeky Tiki DinertownThe Cheeky Tiki 250 +170
DinerLand Auto Chef
Tristan (as Flo) DinerLand DinertownDinerLand 250 +473
Swine 'n' Dine Auto Chef
Gulongso Swine 'n' Dine DinertownSwine 'n' Dine 250 +331
Tokyo Akedo Auto Chef
Soldier Hoshi Tokyo Akedo DinertownTokyo Akedo 250 +315
Bouncy Birthday Auto Chef
Britt The Clown Bouncy Birthday DinertownBouncy Birthday 250 +735
Great Eats of Giza Auto Chef
Cleocatra Great Eats of Giza DinertownGreat Eats of Giza 280 +430
Presto Digesto! Auto Chef
Curtis and Keith Presto Digesto! DinertownPresto Digesto! 280 +303
Jungle Joint Auto Chef
Tour Guide Tyler Jungle Joint DinertownJungle Joint 300 +364
I'm Really Inuit Auto Chef
Serge Ravin' I'm Really Inuit DinertownI'm Really Inuit 300 +341


  • Auto Chefs used to be claimed by jackpot prize in Auto Chef Mystery Boxes found in every venue. This box was removed in 2.0.27.
  • Auto Chefs used to be available to purchase only at certain points in each venue, or through special offers and/or weekend events - usually accompanied with a deadline of 48 hours to buy.